Cheryl is the best at teaching the true essence of each and every yoga pose! Each time I take her class I learn something more. Recently in a pigeon pose instead of telling us to focus and breathe into the hip, she instead drew our attention into relaxing other parts of the body and forgetting about the hip. I remember this in all poses in which I feel a little tightness. In our final resting pose, Cheryl always takes us away above and beyond space and time. She is just the best yogi!

Linda M.

Yoga Teacher/student

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Not only do I Teach, I also take classes when I have the opportunity. I love to take Cheryl’s class. She really knows about the body and how all the muscles work. Her yoga class is excellent and her voice has a way of making you relax!

Lisa C.

Fitness instructor/student

I first met Cheryl when a friend dragged me to a step aerobics class many years ago. I was in the worst shape in my life. I was heavier that I had ever been by 40 pounds, inactive and depressed. I truly did not think I would survive that first class. Unlike most all other exercises classes I had tried and failed to continue attending there was something different about this class…. The difference was the teacher, Cheryl Murman. Cheryl creates an environment that is completely non judgemental, inspirational and fun in every class she teaches. I stayed in that class for two years. I found, as a busy mom, that in the last five minutes of the class when we took a minute to find calm and cool down Cheryl could clear my mind and guide me to find my focus. I had completely lost the ability to clear my mind and focus. I had tried CD’ s and apps in visualization and my mind was just too busy to focus. In five minutes Cheryl’s unique voice and technique helped me find my focus and enabled me to visualize and clear my mind. I have also taken yoga with Cheryl. It is truly unlike any other yoga experience. You feel as though the class was designed just for you. Every movement is accompanied with the perfect vocal explanation to help you attain the correct technique and maximum benefit of that movement or pose. Cheryl has a beautiful balance of knowledge of her craft and ability to share that knowledge through teaching in perfect balance. Cheryl is one of only a handful of gifted people who have a perfect balance of skilled technique and the ability to share that skill with students of all levels and abilities.



In class(es) taught by Cheryl you can see her deep knowledge of and devotion to yoga, enhanced by her delightful humor and joyful spirit. While during reflection and contemplation after class(es), it comes to me that I have been part of and shared a profound experience. Namaste’.



Cheryl, I love your delivery. You’re classes are playfully fun, which takes me back to childhood and reminds me of why kids love to move and just be silly with their bodies. We don’t get enough permission to simply frolic, as adults, and you bring that back in your classes. All the while, it’s good for us! I knowingly let you trick me into doing things that are hard because you make me think it’s fun. And you remind me of why it used to be great to be a kid, and that you don’t have to be boringly mature just because, somehow along the way, as if by accident, we all turned into adults  Also, you really know your shit. I love that you’re an anatomy geek. You know how body parts are supposed to work together, how to tell people to coerce their pieces to work in harmony together, how to keep people safe with good technique and necessary modifications, and also how to empower each person to overcome their own individual challenges. This is a hard power to facilitate for multiple people who all have different issues. You do it all. You do it with such a positive energy that it’s catching, and I always leave your classes feeling better than when I walked in.


Physical Therapist