Often times we don’t see it coming. The event or the one word that starts us on that roller coaster ride that shakes us, bounces us around and with twists and turns it brings us back to the beginning. It seems like we can be trapped  on that merry-go-round of emotions for most of our lives.

These moments or events can cause us to doubt ourselves, to create drama on the inside that doesn’t exist. And most of the time its a big nothing that causes that shift in our perception, that brings up the old manifestations of negative selfworth. Some rigid idea that we arent good enough that we dont matter as much as someone else. That our dreams are foolish or insignificant. And then we turn that nonsense outward, flinging poo at other people.

we know who we are we know are significance we know our value. But those old voices come up just to bring us down. Yoga teaches us to respond in a manner that is compassionate, that requires Love to dampen that fire of doubt. .

That kind of Love is a cool rain on a sticky August day, it calms and sooths and reminds us of our own divinity and then we can embrace our dreams and with love and peace we can ignore the outside influences and we can surrender these old patterns of behavior to the universe, and allow things to happen as they should. No resistance, no misunderstanding.  You learn to recognize that other people are the ones who doubt, who question, who don’t understand. With a consistent yoga practise we become flexible enough to move out of the way of  the slings and arrows of someone else’s discontent. We begin to understand our divinity is their divinity. That we are one.