For years I wrote in notebooks, on scrap paper, napkins ect and now that I am reconnecting to the writing process I am typing (on a keyboard, at a PC, not actually a typewriter) almost everything I write is typed, and I’m getting used to it, I have even ‘written’ on my old Blackberry phone, using the memo pad, although that’s really more like texting then writing, but hey sometimes inspiration happens in some strange places, like hospital waiting rooms. But I still do my best stuff scribbling on paper. For one thing, I scribble faster than I type, hell, turtles run faster than I type, and scribbling keeps up with my speedy gonzales brain better. Secondly, if I don’t like a word, phrase or paragraph I scratch it out and move on, no back spacing or deleting. All that deleting screws with my train of thought, and if you scratch it out then decide you wanna use it any way or somewhere else its still there, you don’t have to go digging in your brain for it. You could get lost in there. It’s dark & a wee bit scary. And finally the worst thing that can happen when you’re scribbling, is that your pencil breaks or maybe if your actually getting a lot done (good for you) the pencil may need sharpened. But all manner of things can go wrong when your typing on the PC. Power interruptions being the worst, losing everything you created arrrggg, yea I know all about auto save, that don’t mean shit if the whole thing totally crashes. It can and has, just stopped working, frozen, taunting you with the words you have written still on the screen, but you can’t save them or copy & paste, all you can do is quickly grab paper & pencil and start scribbling, coping it down before the screen completely fades away.

George Bailey from Bedford Falls NY said that the 3 most exciting sounds are Anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles, but I am partial to the sound of a sharpened pencil scribbling across the page, that wonderful sound of a pencil scratching on paper is inspiring and exciting. But I guess I’m getting used to whole typing thing.

Om Shanti