You can read the whole article here and the comments people have left there, kinda funny. And a fun read.

 But in a nutshell here are the Top 10 Myths About What the Requirements are to be a Competent Yoga Teacher These Days:

10.  That you must be super flexible
9.  That you must be skinny
8.  That you have to be “new agey” looking or at least act “new agey”
7.  That you must be good looking
6.  That you must be registered with yoga alliance (not exactly sure who and what they are for)
5.  That you must wear lululemon with your behind looking good in it
4.  That you sport a halo
3.  That you eat blue green algae and drink kombucha
2.  That you can speak Sanskrit fluently and you have studied in India
1.  You’ve been to Bali

Now I know this post was written sarcastically, tongue in cheek and to shed some light on the problem of how the media represents yoga at least that’s what I hope the author’s intention was.

well…. I’m a  successful,  and I might add, competent yoga teacher, lets see how I rate:

I am not ubber flexible, or super skinny.

My kids call me an old hippy but I dont do the whole new agey thing.

I don’t wear lulu stuff, I will not spend that much money on something I am only going to sweat in.

I have a halo but only drag it out to guilt trip the kiddies and the occasional hubby.

I like the blue/green algae but I also drink martinis.

I do speak some Sanskrit but my students and friends from India have to correct me… a lot.

I am not good-looking, I am average and can pretty up if I have time and if I happen to get a chance to go to Atlanta for a day a-way, I am lucky! Bali, India!? I do not think so.

I am not registered with YA ,  although damnit! I will probably have to succumb to the pressure.  My certifications and trainings are through a school(s)  registered with YA, but that’s where I leave my allegiance.

My classes are full and my students empowered to know their own bodies and souls. Yoga has unfortunately gone down a road that looks a lot like everything we are supposed to be enlightened enough to not give a shit about, aka what we look like, who are ‘YOU’ certified through, what are you wearing. All designed to make us think less of our selves so that we can ‘better’ ourselves just by acquiring what ever the hell they happen to be selling. And they will do anything to sell their stuff!

So if being successful means having your picture on the cover of the Yoga version of Rolling Stone, then I am SOL and to the blogger who  posted on another site “They might be the top ten myths but sadly enough, almost all successful yoga teachers fulfil these requirements”  I think what she meant, is that it is a sad truth that yoga is represented this way(at least that’s what I hope she meant).

Om Shanti