Compiling a lifetime of knowledge to share with you!

Cheryl began her Chattanooga yoga teaching career in 1987 and started teaching yoga in 2000, and has spent her career studying movement, anatomy, yoga and wellness. Her classes are serious fun; serious about alignment, safety and moving in the best way for your body but with an element of irreverent fun. Her teachings focus on a breath-centric, heart-centered practice which enables her teaching to be highly adaptable and body responsive.

Chattanooga yoga by Cheryl Murman
Chattanooga yoga Events and Classes by Cheryl Murman

Classes, Special Events & Workshops

Explore the class schedule, look for special events & register for Chattanooga yoga workshops with Cheryl Murman. All the information is here! Check it out. Most of the Special events and the workshops can be registered through PayPal, while classes listed are paid when where you attend. Information on Personal Yoga sessions can be found here too. Traveling the Personal Yoga & Yoga Therapy path is a great way to deepen your yoga practice.

Creating a home yoga practice is easier than you think!

It can be a simple short practice, an intense vigorous practice, or even a few restorative poses. Allowing yourself the time and giving yourself permission to do yoga is often a bigger challenge than the yoga itself! To help you develop a regular at home practice, I have put a few videos up and will keep adding more, along with tips to help you build your unique home practice. Of course, we’d always love to see you join the Chattanooga yoga family, too!

Practice Chattanooga yoga at Home